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Our Promotional Consultants:

Sherry Treesh

Sherry Treesh

President & Projects Manager

Janet Freer

Janet Greer

Senior Associate



TLC Promotions has been providing businesses, schools and organizations brand marketing since 2005. Our client base reaches from Hawaii to the east coast.

Our philosophy is simple: Offer a wide array of leading products for logo imprinting at big company price breaks; yet provide a quality of service and attention usually found only with salaried marketing managers.

TLC Promotions provides fast, custom quotes often in 24 hours or less complete with photos, descriptions, turnaround time and pricing.

We also provide real-time status on the project without requiring attendance at multiple meetings.

For the Marketing Consultant, Printer and Web Designer, we provide the perfect compliment to the branding strategies they provide their customers.

Marketing professionals may use us as a silent partner by purchasing through TLC Promotions and re-selling to their customer, the end user.

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