5 Military Themed Promotional Products

  • Oct 7, 2018

We’ve got camouflage. We’ve got utility. We’ve got plenty of “olive drab” to go around. If you are looking for products that appeal to military personnel and their families, you might consider these pieces that are designed with the military in mind. 


1. Camouflage LED Keychain

This camouflage keychain is a great match for the camouflage that is such an iconic symbol of our armed services. This handy LED keychain will help shine a light on your brand.


2. Military Cap

G.I. style caps offer a military-friendly variation of the common baseball cap. This fashionable style has been seen on everyone from soldiers to Bono. So whether you are a veteran or like to march to the beat of your own drum, this is a great match.


3. Survival Multi-Tool

This tool is built to assist with two characteristics the military instills in many of its soldiers, sailors: discipline and resourcefulness. There are several variations of this tool and most will include a combo of knives, screwdrivers, files, and bottle openers. We suggest incorporating a light and a compass as well for next-level survival.


4.  Sailor Bear

Want to win hearts and brand recognition? Who doesn’t love a teddy bear? These little sailors are set for the high seas and have been trained in hand-to-hand combat cuddles. 


5. Leather Dopp Kit

Promoting your brand through a leather Dopp kit is an acute, and thoughtful homage to military history. In World War II, young soldiers were often gifted Dopp kits once they began shaving. Today, they have become a staple of the traveling man’s repertoire.  


Looking for more military-themed promotional products? We have plenty of ideas. Reach out to us and we can review these products and more.


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