Co-op Dollars


In the 4 steps to getting co-op dollars video Sherry discusses the steps to getting your share of potential co-op dollars from your suppliers for advertising.

Each year you may be eligible for free money and if you don't use it - you lose it!

There is greater than 50 billion dollars in co-op dollars out there to be spent. You owe it to yourself to get every last penny in the cash drawer due to you ...
...before this year is over!

How does this work?

1. First - the money available to you is based on last year's annual sales of a particular suppliers' product.

2. Secondly do not get a check – rather you get an allowance or percentage based on those annual sales.

3. Thirdly – the money is placed for you "on account" and you have to submit a claim for it.

4. Fourth and very important. These are funds that if you don't use it by year-end – you lose them!

So how can you get some of this advertising money for your business?

  • Start with your account sales rep. but then move on and deal directly with the Advertising Manager of your supplier. They are going to have very specific guidelines on how you can use their logo – such as size, color and placement.
  • Next, have a professional versed in doing co-op marketing draw up your artwork and get pre-approvals before you go any farther. Get all of the requirements, your approvals and your promises in writing.
  • Then, submit your claim once the advertising has been provided. Be aware that your supplier may also ask you for proof of performance or a sample of your promotional item.
  • Finally, be prepared to sit back and wait! It can take as much as 90 days for a big supplier to have your request move up the chain of approval and then make

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