Just What is Make Sense Marketing


In the 3 ways promo products make good marketing sense video Sherry identifies opportunities within your business to get your logo in motion and use the power of promotion to Grow Your Business! Consider these questions:


1) 74% of promos received are retained by the customer for up to a year and more.

This makes good dollars and cents because you pay for the item once and you get multiple returns on your dollar. What item could you give to your customer that would make them remember your business? What item would they retain and find useful?

Example: An optometrist could provide eyeglass cleaner spray and cloths with logo on them. Such gifts can inspire comments from others such as "who is your optometrist?" It is really special that they provide you with all of the eyewear accessories.


2) The 2nd type of make sense marketing is that which makes logical sense.

At what point in the daily activity of your customer’s business or personal life will they need/want to get in touch with you?

Example: An HVAC company could install a metal tag on their furnace or air conditioners that say "For Sales and Service Call Our Company at 000-000-0000". When on a hot day, the air conditioner decides to go out that homeowner is glad to see that service tag. That is ready to close service business just a phone call away.


3) The 3rd type of marketing is that which appeals to your 5 senses.
Sight, touch, hearing, smell and yes even taste!

What physical item could be retained by your customer long after their experience with you that would bring up a memory of your last meeting?

Example: If a realtor delivered hot pizza to their new home buyers on the first night of move-in they would be remembered as thoughtful in all of the house-buying details. If they delivered the pizza with a pizza stone and pizza cutter, the home-owners would use them over and over.  Such a gift would also be seen by neighbors and friends

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